Widow Wellness Coach

Meet Kelli

My story

Hi!  I'm Kelli.  And first off, I want to commend you for taking steps toward your healing!  Yay YOU!  It takes courage, vulnerability, and bravery to listen to your self, honor yourself, and take those steps.  So, good for you!  I'm proud of you! 

About me:   I am a widow, a mother, a grandmother, and a daughter.  I also have an incredible life partner, of several years now.  I enjoy eating good, clean, whole foods, spending time with my grand babies, rock concerts, and the great outdoors.  I  live in the country, and I enjoy daily walks with my dogs!  I also love all things good for the mind, body and soul; yoga, meditation, physical fitness, reading, gathering with friends and loved, ones, and the list goes on and on!  What's most important to me is BALANCE which allows me to enjoy, all aspects of life, even the challenging bits.   

But life hasn't always been so wonderful!  In 2010 my husband was suddenly diagnosed with terminal brain cancer.  In one short sentence, "you have cancer" was how long it took for my entire world to be rocked!  In the matter of a few words, my role of happy wife, suddenly changed  to caregiver, advocate and nurse, to someone with cancer!  Our life became a whirlwind.  Five short months later, he lost his brutal battle with cancer, and I was left alone in this world, as a widow, at the age of 40.    

Since my husband's death, I have, obviously, made some massive life changes;  some by choice, and some because I had to. 

I quit my corporate job, sold our home, moved to a new town and went to work for hospice; all while I was still experiencing my own, new, fresh, grief.  But this is where my grief education really came into play!   I learned about grief, from the professionals, and the patients, and their loved ones. I had the honor of serving many wonderful people in their most vulnerable time, in life, and in death.  And though it may have appeared as though I was serving these lovely families, I was also, most definitely, experiencing my own grief growth, through the process.  

I learned. 
I witnessed. 
I listened. 
I educated. 
I comforted. 
I empathized. 
I taught. 
I cried for others.
I cried for myself.
I was humbled. 


It was amazing, and life changing, and is what lead me to Wellness Coaching for Widows. 

After the loss of my husband, I dug deep and found strengths, in me, I never knew existed.  I have learned to love and take care of myself, physically, spiritually, emotionally, and mentally.  I have learned how to take charge of my life and define who I am, as an individual.  I have taken chances, and made changes that were sometimes painful, and bittersweet, but also incredible and wonderful.  This experience, in widowhood, has opened my eyes to the fact I really can DO, BE, or HAVE anything I want, in this world, and that I only have one chance to make it the best experience I possibly can.

I STOPPED LIVING A LIFE OF FEAR, AND STARTED LIVING A LIFE ON PURPOSE!  This journey, of being a widow, and working for hospice, sparked a passion in me, to build a tribe of widows, and to share my wisdom and knowledge with other widows.  I received my certificate in Whole Person Certified Coaching, which is completely in line with my belief system, that we must recognize, and take care of the entire body, (body, mind, soul) to achieve optimal wellness.   I am a firm believer the grief will never go away, but it will certainly change in time, and when we aim for wellness, it encourages our healing. 

And, as us widows know, this life can be taken from us at any given moment, so WHY WAIT? 

When you are ready to start living a life on purpose, I will be there, with you, and for you!  I've been there!  I've done it!   You can do it!  Let's do this!  YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE!